Massages and Other Personal Treats as Gifts
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Massages and Other Personal Treats as Gifts

Welcome to my little corner of the internet. If you've ever read the Five Love Languages, you know what I mean when I say my language is gifts. If you haven't read it, basically, the book says everyone feels love in slightly different ways: some people like verbal affection, others prefer touch, gifts, time or acts of service. When you have someone in your life who really understands your language, it makes everything feel just a bit better. A few years ago, I had a friend who intuitively knew my love language, and she was always surprising me with little gifts – my favourite was one afternoon when she "kidnapped" me and took me to get a massage. If you know someone who loves gifts, check out the ideas in my blog. I want to guide and help people who need ideas and inspiration. Enjoy reading.

Massages and Other Personal Treats as Gifts

What Conditions Can You Treat Using Shockwave Therapy?

Noa Hubert

Shockwave therapy is pure evidence of the technological advancement that has taken place in the field of medicine and physiological therapy. In this technique, high-energy percussions are transmitted to an injured area. The pulses stimulate metabolic activity that heals injuries by breaking down calcific fibroblasts and scar tissues. Notably, shockwave therapy is very effective and non-invasive in the sense that no cuts and internal scans are required to stimulate the body's healing process. So what are some of the conditions athletes can treat using shockwave therapy? Here is comprehensive look at these conditions:

Jumper's Knee

Jumper's knee, also referred to as patella tendonitis, leads to pain at the front section of the knee because of overuse. The overuse results from repetitive straining of the knee joint because of excessive jumping and running. This causes degeneration and swelling of the knee's patella tendon. A common symptom of this condition is a sharp pain at the lower, front side of the kneecap, which is the region covering one of the poles of the patella. Additionally, the lower section of the kneecap feels tender whenever you press against it and appears thicker than that of the unaffected knee.

Note that patella tendonitis is a very tricky condition when it comes to treatment. Thankfully, shockwave therapy reduces the pain and inflammation besides initiating the healing process at the tendon. For optimal results, avoid training with a bad knee, get lots of rest and always wear a knee support.

Achilles Tendonitis

Achilles tendon pain is another condition you can treat using shockwave therapy. The purpose of the Achilles tendon is to attach your heel bone to the muscles that make up the calf. This attachment is elemental for most of the basic functions that you use your legs for such as walking, running, jumping and stretching on your feet to reach something high above you. When you overuse this tendon through continuous physical activity, you develop a painful inflammation called Achilles tendonitis.

Common symptoms include tightening of the calf muscles, overly warm skin around the heel and inflammation of the heel. Shockwave therapy relieves the pain and inflammation and restores normalcy at tendon.

Hip Bursitis

Your body is filled with small sacs referred to as bursae. They are located around most organs such as hips, shoulders and heels. Bursae contain a fluid that helps to reduce friction and irritation around movable joints and organs. Hip Bursitis occurs when the bursae swell and become irritated, leading to a painful sensation around the groin area. By undergoing shockwave therapy, you strengthen the hips and improve their flexibility, reducing the strain on the bursae.