Massages and Other Personal Treats as Gifts
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Massages and Other Personal Treats as Gifts

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Massages and Other Personal Treats as Gifts

Massage These Trigger Points to Help With Pain From Flat Feet

Noa Hubert

If you have flat feet and you pronate, your ankles roll inward as a result of your arches being flat. This can translate into a lot of pain and pressure in your ankles, shins and calf muscles as well as your feet and arches. However, trigger point massage can help you release some of that tension. Wondering which trigger spots you should focus on? 

1. Ankle Pain

If you have pain near the back of your heel and ankle, there is a trigger point just above the Achilles' tendon. Rub this spot gently but firmly. If the rubbing hurts, adjust your technique. You want a pleasurable type of pain, but you don't want to be gritting your teeth and uncomfortable. 

There are also trigger spots just near the ankle bones on both sides that can help with lateral, medial and anterior ankle pain. Finally, there is a trigger point that can help with ankle point roughly located in the middle of the ankle on the top of the foot near where the joint bends.

2. Arch Pain

When you have flat feet, it's common to have pain in the area below and above the arch. To give some relief to the top of your foot, find a trigger spot on the top of your foot about a third way down the ankle. Massaging this spot helps with dorsal forefoot pain. 

The planter mid foot pain trigger point is located on the base of your foot, roughly halfway between the heel and the toes near the outside of the foot. If you aren't sure that you have the right spot, rub around the area until you find the spot that feels the best. You won't necessarily feel a knot of muscles at your trigger points, but in some cases, you may. 

3. Shin Pain

Finally, if your ankles pronate due to flat feet, you may have a lot of pain, also called shin splints, around your shins. Use another trigger point to help you relax. There is a trigger point correlated with anterior leg pain. It is located on the front of your leg near your bone and on the inside of the leg. This spot is about one quarter to one third the way from the knee to the ankle.

If you have flat feet, you may want to talk with a podiatrist about getting insoles designed for your shoes to help give you some support and alleviate the pain. However, to help with muscle aches and other issues, contact a trigger point massage expert.